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Life feeds me. Like a David Mamet play with words and staging unfolding as I go. At the edge of my seat, I lean in closer. Pay attention. I breathe in landscape and colors around me. Open myself and tune into Cosmos and Universal sound. I commune with Spirit, preferably near a laptop where I can get it all down and rework the words in such a way to honor rhythm and connection.

On stage becomes me. Direct connection to Source and art, merges me with the highest. Acting is the highest. Is the yoga… I search for the beauty in everything. I get off on dark, subversive, off-center. I’m turned on by Rob Zombie’s horror, driven by Tim Burton’s slant, and imagination of Edgar Allan Poe. The dark feeds me. I love to work when twilight gives into eve. The moon and energy of night conspire the crafting of my offering.

I lead in the revolution – more art illuminating more truth. I believe in free will and power of the people. I believe in Willie Nelson and the songs of Janis Joplin. I elevate social outcasts, dissent, and living outside the lines. I walk the edge playfully for the experience and depth it brings. Fascinated by the mysterious line between sane and crazy, creative abandon… I live by Music, and the ways it feeds my soul.

Words come to me – I hear things, feel a certain tick to a character and work with that. A voice says something — one line and suddenly a whole project birthed out of it. That one voice. I am resourced, by Light… I move with Divine flow. Sing to the Mother, Kali, Krishna, Jah and Jesus. I sit in silence, prayer; and there, too find Art. 

Emily Branden’s IMDB Resume