Silent All These Years

Every girl who ever worked is processing these days. Rivaling the death of Petty, or even fires raging, the demise of Harvey changes everything…a dramatic end, to a new beginning—of brave sisters vowing truth.

And I wonder what else we’ve been silent about all these years? What behaviors, which relationships have we stood by to keep life same. Are we ready for revolution, wild for the rebirth, because a change is gonna’ come…

Learning to shift 3rd into 4th gear on New Mexico State Hwy 14, seduced by autumn and mountains… I felt a revving of spirit that can no longer be anything—but bold.

Happy Hauntings,


Times Like These

Stumbling to a friend’s bathroom last month before dawn, I stopped—read the sticker across his iPad; “Warning: We’re All One.” I used to complain late nineties NYC, that our generation had nothing to stand for, that nothing happened…

Now, I teach class post school shootings and hate gatherings. Some days, I have no words… So, thank God for music and the magic of creating a playlist to move, and feel, and release to. Thank God for rest and silence, where I can breathe again, sit with people in union—call it love.

It sucks, I know. The practice is rough these days, and that warning haunts me…

Stay Woke,


For Whom Life Tolls

The cathedral bells have been stirring me. Early morning and hot, summer nights I hear their tolls arriving by breeze… Funny, how romantic a town can be. Just when you dismiss it, my desert relationship takes a magical turn I never knew existed.

Even routine walking down my street from the church today, birds flocked over the plaza as a sign. Or maybe just, good morning—like, hey there—human walking down the street, I’m living fully—you?

Because the love affair is with life… If summer teaches you anything, take your clothes off, and go dipping. There’s a hummingbird at the feeder, and the most amazing sunset, and a picnic, with jazz on the lawn…

Dig It,