Our Dying Days

Not sure about you, but things have been trying in my world. Yes, it’s beautiful and abundant, and in many ways, incredibly privileged. I get that. But, I’m here to report, some days…man, it ain’t easy.

Because it takes a certain skin to be able to stick your ideas so far out there, aching of vulnerability and exposure… There are days I’m a ninja slayer. I’m one hundred percent behind myself and handle it all. The other days—are days I suspect you have, too.

Days where I cry over nothing, or feel so alien in my own skin that crawling out of it seems the only sane option. The famed writer, Bukowski says, “Find what you love, and let it kill you.” It certainly feels the world as we know it, is ending…

Cheers to you out there—going for the kill,


Go To The Poets

I recently saw a stage production of George Orwell’s, “1984.” The New York Times hails it the number one book you should read in 2017. Written nearly seventy years ago, it is freakishly topical. I squirmed in my seat all the way through the second act wanting to flee, the theatre and this tone altogether.

I have been begging you to go to the poets. In classes, reminding anxious students that music saves you. That literature, and sound therapy, and keeping up with beauty inspires and feeds you. Fighting the good fight, in these divided times.

We have to rise up as a people, and not by posting opinions on social media, but by feeding your insides. “Feed your head,” as the Jefferson Airplane lyrics go. Nurture intimate relationships more. Pick up that novel you’ve wanted to read. Write that blog you’ve been tossing around, because the way to fight oppression is through expression. And we need loads of it to remind us what we’re fighting for.



Yoga & The Revolution

When a girlfriend noted what was happening in my classes by allowing eighteen and under free to join us, it took awhile to stand back and see it. It’s true the six month old was melting faces faster than I could with even the best vinyasa sequence to music. All she had to do was coo, and the room settled. It’s also true that when you place people in a more communal vibe there’s no room for pretension.

Such has been my transition to teaching independent of a ‘yoga studio,’ and growing clearer about what I offer that others don’t. I don’t care if you drank too much tequila the night before, or frankly hate the thought of yoga, I just want you to come hang, breathe with us, and sing…

Because it helps us all if we feel accepted and part of something. This showing up with our life authentically despite self-restrictions needs to be shared. So I’m asking Santa Feans to submit to a new web series I’m creating about yoga, life, and everything in between. I aim to shine truth out into this darkness, to make yoga and transformation accessible to everyone who thought they never would.

(See casting notice here)

Happy Spring!