Family Style on Diamond Street

I’m not sure what broke my heart more, the sacredness of my morning walks down to the beach? Which was empty, except for the seagulls teaching me how to fly and the hound dog running up to sniff my calves in the ocean.

Maybe it was the way my students’ faces softened in “two the beach.” Or the way we all sat around the table to a meal chopped and grilled in between sand castles and afternoon practice in our Laguna Hills Ashram…

I bet it was my 6am OMs, waking my balcony mate who’s accepted me so easily over the years I forgot to be grateful, until right now—under the California sun, with two children calling down from the rooftop floor, “Emillly…! Breakfast…”


So Much Love,


Birthday Flashes

It’s been a real trip, around the sun this year… Heavy adulting, heartbreaking and all at once… My sister says, “You’ve been kind of M.I.A.” But I’m right here standing, because it’s clear to me how fast time flies, how truth alone sustains us.

Forty years on this planet, this October. There are flashes, moments that make-up me—to here: Like kissing, memorizing Shakespeare, Blue Man Group, a play called Precipice… Grandma’s house Christmas morning… Band practice reading, The Prophet… Leaving L.A. for Santa Fe, the Dali Lama in Central Park on a blanket, India.

As they say in the biz—step into your light. Aim high, travel far, live it, up. I’ve only learned, go further. Free Your Mind; Turn Off Fake News. I swim in my dreams, and hold so many of you amazing people deep in my core. I still adore this mad world.


With Love,


Six AM Madness

Not sure who I am these days, waking up at six to make tea and sit. In my twenties, it was the night I prayed to. But, my rock star yogi who swore sleep till ten, practice by noon; can now officially attest, it is darkest, right before morning breaks.

I stumble to the bathroom liking the skill of it, to see during the dark. And then to sit and breathe while the first speck of light appears, to enter with the Sun into a new day of Consciousness, okay, I admit – it’s cool.

And the lesson really, during this dark turn toward winter, that the faintest of light comes up, just beyond your suffering… Just after extended days of dark. A wise one once said, “Don’t quit, before the miracle…”


Happy Fall,


The Truth is Out There

I love it in real life, when the truth is so perfect, or so odd; that you couldn’t have imagined something juicier. Like the way this year started, or how a particular name says everything…

The trick is can you enjoy the irony? Can you allow yourself to have fun with situations unknown, or people not perfect? Does everything have to make sense, right now? This ruins the magic, the latitude for miracles to happen…

If I’ve learned anything from my obsession with The Duffer Brothers, Stranger Things, it’s we’re not opening enough. We live within such narrowed visions and concepts, that we actually create the monsters, by not expanding our thinking, by not believing in something beyond us. We box ourselves in.




Spread Love, Not Likes

Since joining social media two years ago for business reasons, the quality of my life—has gone down. My creative time is split, by notifications I thought I turned off or hashtags that send me searching…

Before social media, you didn’t take selfies somewhere interesting if it had nothing to do with your services. I work the Hollywood angle, it’s rough; why would anyone who’s not a performer or public figure want that specific torture?

Media draws us away from Source, from listening to music and moving in nature—things that connect us to love. In this summer of angst, media compares us, as we desperately need to unite. Our streets ache for understanding, go outside rest of 2016… Spread love, not likes.




This Is My Battle Cry

I’m at a crossroads. That feeling something big, bigger than even now, is coming. I am grounded, and am I open, and I am maybe even raging…

Because revolution is not always peaceful; and I will not be silenced. I will not fit into boxes, limits; judgments… We came to co-exist and love one another, hippie or not, it’s infinite; it’s what works – naturally.

And it’s not happening. Not enough. Not believing, you’re the same as the next human, sky, bug; is separating us from the very thing we cry out at night for—



The Morning After Prince

I don’t get how to live in a world without him. Prince and Bowie were my context. The art they offered, inspired the art I offer… I created because they invented. They built the framework, not just as singers, but actors, poets, thinkers.

True art fuels consciousness; the musicians we listen to, the poets we repeat – they’re reasons to rise in the morning. Except this one, cuz’ I woke up weeping, confused by this strange, new land…

I hear the birds. I know this planet is beautiful, but Earth without both of them? I’m not convinced. So, I hold fast to Light, which has peaked through this dark start of year, making me grateful, to remember, great artists were here.


Rest In Peace,


Go, Now, Go.

I’ve had no real studio time in months. Life got in the way – gains, losses, crises, and more crises. Time spent on technical and the maintenance part of my life, I never signed up for. I’m a creative, made sure of it.

I saw adults compromising and miserable, and swore I’d never join that hamster wheel. I’m of the Stars, I commune with Krishna and Shakespeare and Vonnegut. My path is to align to consciousness, celebrate and let Divine shine through, but wait–

That’s your path, too! That nagging feeling when you have no time, no fun…? Escape that. Flee to your creative within – paint, sing, photograph from the rooftops. “We are stardust, we are golden, and we’ve got to get ourselves, back to the garden…” (Joni Mitchell)



Let The Cracks Shine

Man, lately, I feel the more open and dialed I am, the wackier the experience life throws me. I want to believe that ole’ mantra, ‘God doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle’, but most of us have too much on our plates, right now.

I wake up looking in the mirror asking – who is that? My old ways don’t work, the usual diversions of no interest. In fact, joining a convent or ashram sounds about right to me. Simple, please, way less…

Rocked by this Age of Aquarius, connecting to consciousness, Love – is the only way we get to enjoy the ride. Because in the midst of grayer days, cracks of light, however bittersweet, challenge us…‘this too shall pass.’


To The Resurrection, Family,


My Valentine Rant

I love kissing. I love my altar and the sound of the birds in the morning when I sit. I love music, and how it gets me through. I love names, especially middle names, and how they vibrate. I love the color red, and fairy things that glitter. I love Santa Fe, driving through these mountains and waking up to this sky. I love yoga, the path of consciousness, and how it lately kicks my ass. I love my work, art, and how it keeps surprising. I love good acting, and my friends who inspire. I love this day, and this moment, even though we have no clue… I love how I’m different now, because in the weeks five planets aligned, there was you.