Yoga Private Sessions

Emily Branden uses over sixteen years of teaching experience and her own intuitive, creative practice to anticipate your needs. Specializing in healing touch, restorative yoga, and deep relaxation; Emily’s practice of yoga & creative healing arts inspires clients and students worldwide. Each 1 hour session ends with an essential oil lite massage.

“Emily’s tender-rebel mastery of yoga engages a constant awareness of my tightness, releasing its potency. The result is a spring in my step and a far-reaching restoration of confidence.”      ~ Anne at 64

Practice your headstand, heal an injury, calm anxiety, or introduce a partner; Emily’s Santa Fe artist studio offers inspiration, space, and safety to explore. Entrepreneurs, parents, artists and musicians seek Emily’s expertise in vocal work, audition/speaking prep, meditation, anxiety management, and creative blocks.

Rates good for 2. 4 session discount. Email to Book Session or Request Gift Card:

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