EB Private Sessions


Emily Branden combines twenty years of teaching with creative intuition to anticipate your needs. Known for her healing energy, Branden strikes a balance–challenging while supporting you. EB specializes in anxiety management, injury, trauma recovery, and aging.

She’s currently working with Parkinsons, eating disorders, COVID recovery + assisted living clients.

EB’s private yoga sessions range from advanced vinyasa instruction, to chair or restorative yoga–all ending in deep relaxation. Her clientele ranges in age from thirties to seventies (reviews below)

4 session discount | book via emily@emilybranden.com


“I’ve been a private, new-to-yoga client of Emily’s for ten+ years. I am in my 60’s, startlingly limber (now) and have been injury free throughout my training. Emily brings wisdom, understanding and the kind of high skill that both dares and supports during each session. She is a born teacher.”  Anne Hale (now) 70’s

“Emily is a thoughtful, conscientious and knowledgable teacher. Along with brilliant yoga instruction, Emily offers compelling insights and fabulous sound tracks. Working with Emily has been exceptionally rewarding for my spirit, body and mind!”  Jenna Scanlan 40’s

“I’ve been practicing with Emily for years and have enjoyed every minute of it! She challenges me and has broadened my yoga beyond what I ever thought possible!”  Wendy Powell 70’s

“She is a one of a kind. Talented, but understanding of those who aren’t thereby creating an approach that helps the client improve.”  James Morris 60’s

4 session discount | book via emily@emilybranden.com