Venus Retrograde and Jon Stewart leaving us included, life has been interesting. Forced to participate in Western medicine, I spent a week on antibiotics I kept on my altar near Shiva to try and grace the pills into my system. Down and out with dental surgery and druggy traces of novocaine; I couldn’t really talk, or output myself, for weeks.

Recovered and back in the game I’m feeling hyper aware of tired patterns, truths about myself to be absolutely honored. Understanding and space for situations prior I wanted to fight, now falling away as if I never cared in the first place.

Take your medicine of pause, family. However it comes to you this month; stop talking and listen. The Universe gets louder the more silence you practice. Yeah – it’s scary. Because we’re brilliant at cocktail-ing our way through uncomfortable silence. We love not dealing with shit, but the gold is in you quiet, the pause before your next inhale; there’s a message there… Listen up.

With Love,