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Life feeds me.

Like a David Mamet play with words and staging unfolding as I go. At the edge of my seat, I lean in closer. Pay attention. I breathe in landscape and colors around me. Open myself and tune into Cosmos and Universal sound. I commune with Spirit, preferably near a laptop where I can get it all down and rework the words in such a way to honor rhythm and connection.

On stage becomes me. Direct connection to Source and art, merges me with the highest. Acting is yoga…I search for beauty in everything. I get off on dark, subversive, off-center. I’m turned on by Rob Zombie’s horror, driven by Tim Burton’s slant, and imagination of Edgar Allan Poe. The dark feeds me. I love to work when twilight gives into eve. The moon and energy of night conspire the crafting of my offering. I lead in the revolution – more art illuminating more truth. I believe in free will and power of the people.

“Silence the artist and you have silenced the most articulate voice the people have.”

– Katherine Hepburn

I believe in Willie Nelson and the songs of Janis Joplin. I elevate social outcasts, dissent, and living outside the lines. I walk the edge playfully for the experience and depth it brings. Fascinated by the mysterious line between sane and crazy, creative abandon…I live by Music, and the ways it feeds my soul.

Words come to me – I hear things, feel a certain tick to a character and work with that. A voice says something — one line and suddenly a whole project birthed out of it. That one voice… I am resourced, by Light. I move with Divine flow. Sing to the Mother, Kali, Krishna, Jah and Jesus. I sit in silence, prayer; and there, too, find Art.

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