Emily Branden’s Vinyasa & Music at Railyard

In the Santa Fe NM Railyard Arts District at 1611 Paseo de Peralta. 18 & under free.
Changing Rooms ~ Skylights ~ Free Parking Sundays ~ Mats Free ~ Cash/Credit at Door

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EB Yoga Concerts

Bringing concerts and yoga together with a unique energy that can alchemize any room—performer/teacher, Emily Branden heals and inspires authenticity by directing creative energy. Through rhythmic sequences that crescendo into dance breaks melding back to meditation and deep restorative work, her singing and love of poets provide the medicine needed to transform during challenging times. Preaching daily practice and authentic living, Branden delivers a one of a kind yoga experiment, weaving art, music, and vinyasa—for the artist in us all.

“Creativity…is the greatest rebellion.”

– Osho

Emily’s Bio

A favorite rebel of the yoga world, she’s taught since 2001. Emily Branden’s ‘nineties Jivamukti’ roots prove a solid foundation for her joyful exploration of the power of music and performance-like art of yoga. Alongside her national popularity as a yogi artist, she’s a WGA writer/SAG actor featured in Hollywood’s, Variety and Yoga International. Known for her live music collaborations with artists Michael Franti, Rising Appalachia, Desert Dwellers, Nahko and more; her message grounds you into the creative warrior you already are.

She’s deeply grateful to her Jivamukti teachers, Sharon and David, and Dana Trixie Flynn for spreading her wings. Believing we’re here to speak our truth, Emily’s currently writing a book on creative transformation.