Diving off my paddle board into the Sea of Cortez…I realized I’d been living life half full. An apparent rebel and teacher of seizing the moment, it’s a human flaw—our denying ourselves. My mind racing about covering class, or even going to Cabo when I should focus on auditions and work because well, the audacity of playing…

Snorkeling with a friend, we laugh at a sea lion beached on a rock plopping back in—what else is there? Assumptions and anxieties, meaningless while a spotted boxfish swims beside me. And I vow to never hustle again. To remain calm and delighted, like the Mexicans greeting each other on the marina at dawn.

What’s the rush? What’s all this worry? Because there’s another way… I’m done feeling guilty. I’m done reporting to duty. I plan on living now—with even greater abandon. Not because I’m reckless, but alive, and connected to all creatures. Like the Dickens novel that reads this time of year, “God Bless Us, Everyone.”

*Emily Branden Creations wishes you the warmest of holiday seasons, and invites you to gather at any December EB events to celebrate the return to light and merriment with our SF Railyard community. I’m honored by your patronage. Merry Christmas, E.


Happy Holidays + Rockin’ New Year,