My cousin’s Saguaro went down. 

Sixty mile an hour winds while he watched it sway in record heat temperatures. I arrived the next night, only to squint on his iPhone at the damage during a recent Arizona storm. It was the centerpiece of his Fountain Hills home, and while small in detail—it broke my heart. 

We can’t deny the white coral. 

Nor the wealth gap—and the shootings for that matter and yet still, we climb. I know—whoever has the biggest boat wins, except—aren’t we in this soup together? Aren’t we on one boat…? 

We go down together.

And the hits keeps coming. Since I sat down to write this: Lahaina, Morocco, rare ocean storms evacuating Catalina Island, have all occurred. Every day something new to assimilate. 

And this is heavy, and difficult to manage amidst the social and calendar gatherings. I mean, it was a hundred and seventy-five year old plant! That Saguaro. 

By the time it grows another arm my cousin—and me, will be dead.

Therefore, the conversations you have in the privacy of your living rooms to prepare are real. It is the end of the world as we know it. So what are you doing? How are you living out your moments…

Are you managing breath and joy? 

Days dedicated to pure presence and sense of Self…? Or are you run down; chasing and reading every Doomsday article, which only makes them send you more.

Get a grip. Prioritize. 

This is as much for me, as it is for you. Get—a grip. This is your life. This is you high on life. Are you digging it…? Are you tending your nervous system, because the forecast is rough and we need people. We need joyfulness. And if not joy, then presence, just pure, non-protest of the moment—as is. Now. Deal. Presence.

Breathe in… Breathe out… 

Dear family; 

Sing your songs, chant your dreams—and pray. That it may not pass you by, but stop you in your tracks—this Life. “This one precious, and wild…”

Carry On,