If you did the difficult self work of 2020, this summer may be the biggest transition of your life. 

I’m humbled by maintaining conversation and casual acquaintances knowing I already was narrowing my focus to a select few. It’s not that I don’t love humanity, it’s just the vibe of my chosen people sustains me. A culture of doing and multi-tasking bored me long ago.

Yoga reigns in energy and organizes it, and it frustrates me that your ailments—physical or emotional can be cured in sitting down and taking three deep breaths, but you don’t do it.

We have come to a crossroads family, of either loving one another, meaning—all others. Or destroying thy neighbor. You choose every time you further separate from those who do not think like you.

Tough love. Although I’ve experienced the softest of love too, this new decade. And that continues to school me on the path of life, and I try not to fight it, but to bow down to it.

Summer has always been a time to embrace the sexy. Beauty is my religion a master teacher says, and that’s the way… remind yourself the sensuousness of taking a bath, and wearing barely anything, and dancing to Coltrane…

Three deep breaths and sex, that’s what I wish for humanity. 

So you can put your phone down and pay attention to this body vehicle/magic carpet ride you’re missing. And now you think I’m too wild or weird, but so are you, and even weirder since lockdowns, so embrace it. 

May this summer surprise you as you topple out of your cocoon into something like a butterfly. 


Summer Lovin’,