I’ve been spending my days tending fires…learning to keep the flames lit by giving it enough space and air, and kindling to keep it going. Months spent reading fiction and eating take-out from restaurants I used to dress up and go to. 

Only now, the fire is the main event. And it doesn’t matter if the roads are snowy because I’m staying in again this evening. And as the year winds down, and we ache for the celebrations of more light coming…that’s okay.

What a year to reveal the strangest of things… Like I can actually throw a football, pretty damn well. And turns out toilet paper divides our humanity. And Zoom became, admit it—a friend. 

It’s bittersweet to reflect on 2020 not by a long list of events I’ve already forgotten, but by just a handful of memories…

Swimming in the Rio Grande… Performing in the Railyard, socially distanced to passersby watching like church. My pandemic blow-up pool, patio hangs that made me rally, and birthday streamers…

Trust in your pod, and the quality of your mask. That’s what we’ve learned this Christmas, and just as the Wise Men followed the stars, so shall we.

Nearing the darkest of night, it has always been the teaching to light the candle from within your own heart this season. To open up to your fellow man with compassion and tears, for all our losses. 

God Bless Us—Everyone,