I recently saw a stage production of George Orwell’s, “1984.” The New York Times hails it the number one book you should read in 2017. Written nearly seventy years ago, it is freakishly topical. I squirmed in my seat all the way through the second act wanting to flee, the theatre and this tone altogether.

I have been begging you to go to the poets. In classes, reminding anxious students that music saves you. That literature, and sound therapy, and keeping up with beauty inspires and feeds you. Fighting the good fight, in these divided times.

We have to rise up as a people, and not by posting opinions on social media, but by feeding your insides. “Feed your head,” as the Jefferson Airplane lyrics go. Nurture intimate relationships more. Pick up that novel you’ve wanted to read. Write that blog you’ve been tossing around, because the way to fight oppression is through expression. And we need loads of it to remind us what we’re fighting for.