Something about the going home; way it takes you back to root in a most humbling kind of way… Marrying friends of mine together for twenty three years, I looked around our group of artists and soul family feeling honored to hold such space. I grew up with brothers who’ve still got my back today. Sisters, who know all of me; not just the yoga part or actor part, but the down home girl plunging into bay of Green Bay laughing part; hanging round the campfire dancing till three.

Having escaped rural Wisconsin for City, I come home ready to live life simpler. On the dance floor, shaking it with a dear brothers’ one year old was the place to be this past fourth of July. Driving home from the Tonet wedding as the sun came up to a field of deer running; flashes of back home had me smiling: family laughing, rooster crowing, Egg Harbor docking, late-nite jamming…

My tribe left our little town succeeding; living our art and childhood dreams, but the bloodline of Wisconsin runs deep I’m appreciating. Valuing more the inherent goodness of a Midwesterner, the solidness of their ethics; learning you can take the kids out of Wisconsin, but you can’t take the Wisconsin out of the kids – we earned that.