I’m not interested in your down dog. I mean, I wish you let your head go; melt your heart rooting palms and heals to Earth, but I’m more interested in how you practice out of studio… Out wild, in the West; where loving thy neighbor is still radical and everyday you’re tempted, thwarted, and caged. I want to know if you’re doing what you love. If you find time each day to jump up and down dancing in rhythm. Because music is the Revolution.

I want to know if your heart is bursting, like mine, with those encounters that inspire and fill you up for weeks after. As sun peaking to Solstice, you too shining spontaneous and in the flow. Yes – I can stand on my hands and balance free in air, but can I also come down…? Bow down to someone else; remind myself I’m ordinary, same, and not above anyone. Can I allow teachings of yoga to be given like friends, receiving my hugs, heart and pure wishes. Equally speaking, wherever we’re at.

Life Practice for me this June: Yoga.Cocktails.Cinema. In that order, an evening of all things I adore. Yoga out of the studio – practiced at a Santa Fe art gallery to a playlist of film songs. Cocktail hour and socializing at Jean Cocteau, cinema of George R.R. Martin and his Game of Thrones. Post class hang-time with community; followed by movie, and the power of story and art. Practicing this summer – life.