When a girlfriend noted what was happening in my classes by allowing eighteen and under free to join us, it took awhile to stand back and see it. It’s true the six month old was melting faces faster than I could with even the best vinyasa sequence to music. All she had to do was coo, and the room settled. It’s also true that when you place people in a more communal vibe there’s no room for pretension.

Such has been my transition to teaching independent of a ‘yoga studio,’ and growing clearer about what I offer that others don’t. I don’t care if you drank too much tequila the night before, or frankly hate the thought of yoga, I just want you to come hang, breathe with us, and sing…

Because it helps us all if we feel accepted and part of something. This showing up with our life authentically despite self-restrictions needs to be shared. So I’m asking Santa Feans to submit to a new web series I’m creating about yoga, life, and everything in between. I aim to shine truth out into this darkness, to make yoga and transformation accessible to everyone who thought they never would.

(See casting notice here)

Happy Spring!