Definitely blown away by rapid teachings of late. Last month on the beach, post retreat sans media, I finally caught Adele’s new single watching the waves roll onto shore… “I’m in California dreaming, about how we used to be…”

Lyrics giving me lessons, phrasing changing my world, shedding truth to light. Music is a rescue. Rhythm and sound heals, and lyrics, like mantra–shift you. My teacher Dana says, ‘If you don’t like your life, change your mantra.’ It’s that simple. What you sing, what you recite, what you think–is what you get.

So put your Ani DiFranco on and repeat, “I am 32 flavors and then some.” You have the power to change within any moment. You can repeat lyrics of lack, or you can sing out, “Well, it’s a bittersweet–symphony, this life.” Because it’s your life, it’s your stereo. Make it rock.

*Grateful for ya’ll this Thanksgiving. Been a year of busting out, creating a new scene at Railyard, Santa Fe, NM. You have been there for me, huge–

Love and Respect,