It’s been a real trip, around the sun this year… Heavy adulting, heartbreaking and all at once… My sister says, “You’ve been kind of M.I.A.” But I’m right here standing, because it’s clear to me how fast time flies, how truth alone sustains us.

Forty years on this planet, this October. There are flashes, moments that make-up me—to here: Like kissing, memorizing Shakespeare, Blue Man Group, a play called Precipice… Grandma’s house Christmas morning… Band practice reading, The Prophet… Leaving L.A. for Santa Fe, the Dali Lama in Central Park on a blanket, India.

As they say in the biz—step into your light. Aim high, travel far, live it, up. I’ve only learned, go further. Free Your Mind; Turn Off Fake News. I swim in my dreams, and hold so many of you amazing people deep in my core. I still adore this mad world.


With Love,