Like an ache for more nineties music; I mourn the letting go of summer. I’m not ready to talk crispness in the air, or turn to darker days… It’s not that I don’t love the beauty of fall and live for Halloween; it’s that summer’s end, makes me nostalgic for more. My desert mornings chilly now round my altar, the birds quieter…

I’m not sure why we get how precious something is when it’s leaving…why angsty, bittersweet songs are the ones that make most sense. We complain about how hot it is, how it gets dark so late waiting impatiently for fireworks, and then they come and we almost miss them; too busy in our lives to delight in all days.

And here we are, with kids in school and new schedules to balance; and my resistance like hearing new music; hesitant with this change of season…my heart, still under the Buck Moon; listening to Pearl Jam, and the very last of summer.

Happy Autumn Rising,