A student asked what’s inspiring my teaching, lately. I answered not a new way of sequencing or how to talk about breathing… But a poetry reading from Cut + Paste Society up at an old gallery on Canyon Road; the way the lilacs smelled in the Spanish courtyard that Friday eve. Colleagues out of their stretch clothes into their real lives, speaking word and the kind of rearrangement of them I live for. The guts they shared, the artwork on the wall made the event epic in my memory, inspiring me still…

Nick Cave’s docudrama while finishing my latest book draft blew me away. Pure light on stage, his lyrics, a dying art sent me deep into his library which is what else inspires always – music. Psychedelic cowboy, Sturgill Simpson, new ambient band East Forest; yes please. And a random Wednesday night, Lensic Performing Arts with social activist, Naomi Klein. New editor of The Guardian and Naomi on climate change saying; we are connected to Earth, this is a spiritual issue. Whoa. That inspired me.

May is all about creativity. Look around. Your next inspiration is right in front of your eyes. Life is magic, blossoming and blowing through with wild color and ideas. Participate, engage in your life. Hang with interesting people and go to random events. Life is teaching all around you. Boredom is impossible if you’re paying attention. Tune in and turn it up, family; the music just got good.

Happy May Love,