It’s interesting, this space, isn’t it? 

No opportunities for new memories to form, we experience pause and remember a moment not too far back, when life was different and the connection now, so dear. In normal times we would not reflect on it, a lost thought and onto to new hustles. ‘Pause the System’ as the UK activists protest is the dissent needed, finally in ways, slowing down is being heard… 

It takes thirty days to change a habit, I’m on my fourth week of lockdown. There are days I’m confined to bed, exhausted by loss and lack of clarity… But, still I rise with the birds and sit, I sing mantra and move, and again mid-morning with my teacher on social media live—which has been quite the blessing, hasn’t it? How we can all still connect with our circles… 

Students who haven’t practiced with me in years, now going weekly from their California balconies or New York City lofts—I adore you. You keep me going. You make me have to practice, have to show up and find the love because my job has always been—to connect it for you. I don’t miss having to say no to parties I don’t want to join. I don’t miss the hustle. 

I do miss live music, to the point of tears. I miss peeps swaying on the Cowgirl patio for an entire afternoon, hugging and kissing and flirting… I miss that. Lovers, and leaning in to hear someone share. And we’ll have that again, but it will be rare and precious now, as it should be. I aim for creative daily. I will not go down without fierce connection to the artistic flow, and we will carve a society that will honor it more. 

You will exalt your nurses, praise your musicians, and bow down to those who feed you. It will be a different world, it already is—we just can’t tell from inside. 

And that’s okay. Don’t try to know anything right now, go further in. This is your ultimate chance, go inside of you, and stir the energy you’ve always had to thrive. Our planet depends on you. And you’ve been chosen, your place is here. In this humbling, clusterfuck of a globe—you matter.

Musings from Quarantine: 

  • You don’t need that much dish soap.
  • Tissue works as toilet paper.
  • Governor Cuomo makes it better.
  • When in doubt, drink whiskey.
  • But, yoga really helps.
  • My work at home/artist life is en vogue.
  • The birds are still singing…
  • You should have founded Zoom.
  • I can prepare meals at home that taste good.
  • But, still dream of Chef Joseph’s food…
  • The aliens are coming, right?
  • I think I’m a better human.

Love in the time of Corona,