I live for summer. I like it hot. Throwing on a dress post swim, adding just lip color to an already sun kissed look. Taking off to some live music under the stars is what life’s made of. That first dive into the pool so precious, I could cry. Traumatized since grade school by Ray Bradbury’s science fiction read, “All Summer in a Day,” I’m forever grateful for these months.  

The warm nights and conversation past bedtime cuz’ there’s a mellowness to the season…a pact, that we can all have a little fun now. A summer playlist of Beck and Sublime with a splash of Otis Redding… Birds dive bombing into the water as I lap, and the bartender rolling out the cart with margarita mixed. 

Devilish for those who measure self-worth by how many emails sent, summer—is wild. Unpredictable, and begging you to enjoy more. It is the peak of prana, the life force around us, the very tippy top of the inhale containing so much energy you could burst! 

I make no apologies for bringing my office to swim club, scheduling clients in a tight block around my solstice rising. This season is sacred. Summer gives us the guts to shine. To peel off stress layers and just—be. We can’t help but spread out a picnic blanket delighted by lady bugs and sunsets again. Swaying to neighborhood sounds of music, food grilling.

On this Father’s Day, helping Daddy launch the boat comes to mind…sailing off for dinners at Chaudoirs… It’s a nostalgic season, isn’t it? Maybe for the fact it remind us of times we were content. Times unruled by calendars where magical happenings connected us, to community and ourselves—as the beat goes on…

Blessed Solstice to You!