I’m trying not to give a shit this year because I realized, back in the nineties, pre-likes and follows, I didn’t. I’ve been cleaning out my desk, dusting off old scripts. Watching Dave Chappelle’s new Netflix specials, so honest and raw with his truth that I’m wondering how on earth do I spin mine?

“Hollywood is no place for moral absolutism,” he calmly states as he puffs from his cigarette. Our job as storytellers to explore humanity without judgment, to connect through faults that tear us apart, but ultimately bring us back together.

So many gems do just that this season, lest we not forget “Lady Bird,” and “Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri…” As Frances McDormand said, there’s been a ‘tectonic shift’ most of us in the industry never thought would happen.

To my Hollywood males, quiet in their speeches… To the best director category we’ve challenged you on before… To men who grab me affectionately, then joke/apologize – we will come back together.

No revolution happens without a personal one first. And as Chappelle warns from experience, “Fear does not make lasting peace.” I am humbled. I am listening, bending toward that horizon…

There will be waves… All truths must be heard.


But Time’s Up,